Question 1 detail

  • Question 1: Maintain our schools

    On May 23, North Branch Area School district residents will be asked to vote on three school funding requests. Question 1 asks for approval of a $59.225 million 25-year bond to fund safety and security improvements, deferred maintenance and updates to classrooms and other district facilities – including:

    - Upgrade security cameras and radios
    - Add fire sprinklers
    - Repair or replace boilers, electrical/heating controls, roofs and windows
    - Improve traffic flow and safety
    - Upgrade auditorium seating, lighting, sound system
    - Update Education Center for early learning programs
    - Update outdoor facilities
    - Remodel classroom spaces to meet 21st. century learning needs
    - Update equipment in classrooms such as home-ec and vocational education

    NBAPS voters have not approved a property tax increase to fund schools for nearly 15 years. District facilities are aging and in need of repair and classroom equipment and furniture are outdated. Each year, the school district receives about $500,000 from the state to address some needs, but that leaves a gap of about $43 million in needed maintenance - not including needed safety improvements and updates to learning spaces.

    A detailed project budget for Q1 and Q2 can be found on our FAQ page (scroll down to question 7), as can more information about the outdoor facility improvements (scroll down to question 8).

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