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Distance Learning's missions is to ensure a standards based, student centered virtual program through high quality instruction and resources that foster community partnership to prepare all distance learning students for college and career.

Distance Learning students are offered a curriculum similar to that of the regular education student in virtually all ways except the delivery of the educational program. Instead of working all day every day with a teacher in the same room, Distance Learning students and their parents work together with a teacher to develop an individual learning plan for each student.

While all the learning plans vary, each plan will include a variety of approaches to education. There will be on-line course work as well as off-line work like reading books, creating projects, attending music or language classes and serving in the community. Finally, each plan will include work that uses other technology available, such as the Internet and commercial software programs.

Teachers and families work together to develop the plan, and all members play a role in the successful completion of the plan. Student progress is continually monitored and reported both at mid-term and trimester time. 

What do I need to be a Distance Learning student?

The most important criteria for Distance Learning students is that they are motivated to succeed. DL students work, for the most part, on their own. They need to be able to plan their day to include between 5 and 6 hours of school work. This does not mean 6 hours at the computer, it means 6 hours working on courses.

Successful DL students have parents who help provide the time and place for students to learn. Parents are there to assist students, to ask about progress in their courses, and to make sure students are putting the time and energy into the program necessary for students to satisfactorily move from course to course.

It is ideal for students to have their own basic computer system which would include a computer with a printer, basic word processing software and Internet access.

How do I go about becoming a Distance Learning student?

The application process is really quite simple. Click here to access the school district's enrollment center. If you would like additional information, please contact our office at 651-674-1051 or email Dana Johnson, Teaching and Learning Secretary.

Once the forms are completed and returned to the DL office, an intake meeting will be scheduled and an individualized learning plan developed.