April 27 - Educating children takes teamwork

It takes a great deal of teamwork to educate each child. As students progress through their K-12 education, NBAPS is preparing each student for success in school and in life. Doing so takes teamwork and North Branch Area Public Schools is fortunate to have an amazing staff that works together to create the conditions for student success.  Education Assistants (EAs) are valuable members of our staff who perform functions vital to our programming, and support students to bring out their gifts and talents!

On a typical day, EAs work with students to gain skills to work independently and interdependently. EAs partner with teachers to help reinforce the subject knowledge taught in the classroom and guide students in responsible decision making, self management, and relationship skills. By working together, teachers and EAs ensure students engage in high-quality learning experiences to meet each child’s individual learning needs.

EAs form bonds with the students and take great pride watching students meet growth targets and educational milestones. I am so grateful for our EAs and the way they approach their roles with such excitement and empathy.  It takes teamwork to educate each student. Thank you Viking EAs for your compassion, and partnership to see students excel and succeed!