May 4 - Student Activities Bring us Together

One of the things I love about serving North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS) is the high number of students participating in co-curricular activities. I enjoy going to events and watching students strive for excellence outside the classroom and being among our enthusiastic and loyal fans. The community support for NBAPS activities is amazing and I thank you!

Participation in activities improves academic performance, and builds camaraderie across the entire community. At NBAPS, there are over 600 student athletes at the high school, and 180 at the middle school. Over 170 students participate in Fine Arts - 125 at the high school and over 45 at the middle school. Many of our students are participating in multiple activities!

Activities certainly breed a competitive spirit and improve participants chances of doing well in school, which is made possible by our many coaches and volunteers. NBAPS has 31 non-athletic activity advisors between the high school and middle school. To oversee our sports programs there are 75 coaches - 58 at the high school and 17 at the middle school. Assisting these dedicated adults are over 20 volunteers districtwide.

Participation in activities starts early through opportunities provided through our Community Education Department. For example, 195 K-6 students participated in the spring track and field program. Wow! It is so wonderful to see the many ways our students are getting involved!

Each activity is different and has its unique vibe. Whether at a sporting event, fine arts performance or academic competition, Jorge Peralis is capturing each special moment in the lives of our students. What a gift he gives to us to share in the excitement!

I am so grateful for the number of adults that take time from their busy lives to work with our students. The integrity and enthusiasm they pass along to our students- who then embody those traits and spread them among their classmates, makes our community an even better place to be! Our ever-present and dedicated community members support our activities and bring so much energy into our auditoriums and gyms almost every day during the school year.

Activities bring us together in such a special way. At the heart of our collective Viking pride is witnessing students stretch themselves to be their best, bringing us so much joy in the process!